2-year-old Female

Friendly. Comes when called. Never been Pregnant.

400+ lbs.


1-year-old Intact Male

Friendly. Comes when called.

Approx. 250 lbs.


Pot Belly Pigs & Hogs

 Although pigs are not our primary livestock, we occasionally have  Pot Belly Pigs and Hogs for sale.

Pot Belly Pig Starter Kit:
1 - Baby Pot Belly Pig
1 - Bag of Milk Replacer
1 - Pet Ag Nursing Kit
1 - How-To Guide Book
1 - Limestone Farms T-Shirt 

​ Pot Belly Pigs grow to around 50 lbs. and make great outdoor or  indoor pets.

     Bottle-baby Piglets $50

     Weaned Piglets $60

 Hogs can grow to over 350 lbs. and are a great food source for any  homestead.