Every year, in the summer, ducks molt. This is when they shed all of their old and damaged feathers and grow new ones. During this time Drakes (males) and Hens (females) look alike and they cannot fly. Some of our current pictures show bird mid-molt.

Meet Little Roo!

​ Cayugas

Did You Know???

Duck Breeds

Both of these pictures are of one of our Drakes named Little Roo. The picture on the left is Little Roo in February, 2015. The picture on right is also Little Roo but was take in August, 2015 while he is in the middle of molting. 

     The Khaki Campbell duck breed is best egg layers of the duck breeds. They are great foragers. They make a good farm or backyard duck. Khaki Campbell duck drakes have an upright posture, similar to an Indian Runner, and a green or bluish-green bill, greenish-bronze heads and backs, with the remainder of the plumage being a shade of khaki tan.

                                                                 $5.00 (Straight Run)

                                                                 $6.00 (Sexed)

     Originating from the French city of Toulouse, the Toulouse Goose is a domesticated goose  primarily raised as a farm animal or meat goose. Toulouse is also a recognized show ring  breed. They are heavy birds with plumage that is softer and fuller than average farmyard  geese. They are not good fliers. The average adult size of a Toulouse Goose is between 15  and 20 pounds. They are considered utility birds and are moderate egg-layers with a  production of between 25 and 40 eggs a year.  

​                                                                 $12.00 (Straight Run)

                                                                 $14.00 (Sexed)

​ Waterfowl

     Welsh Harlequin duck are similar to a mallard but a beuatiful white. These rare ducks have the pattern of a mallard but with a different color scheme.

​                                                                 $5.00 (Straight Run)

                                                                 $6.00 (Sexed)

​ Toulouse Geese

There are 2 Drakes and 4 Hens in this picture. Can you spot them?

     Pekin ducks are a heavy breed. Males can reach 14 lbs. They are a dual purpose bird. The are excellent meat birds. The will regularly lay eggs for their first year, then become sporadic layers. Pekins have no natural brooding instincts.

​                                                                 $5.00 (Straight Run)

​                                                                 $6.00 (Sexed)

​ Khaki Campbell

​ Pekin

​ Welsh Harlequin 

     Cayuga ducks are named for Lake Cayuga, New York. They are the only duck breed of American origin. These duck first appear to be black but as the sun catches them you will see a beautiful green and blue tint to their feathers. Cayugas lay a black egg in the spring and their eggs get progressively lighter throughout the year until they are white. Cayugas have a moderate brooding instinct.

                                                                 $5.00 (Straight Run)

​                                                                 $6.00 (Sexed)