Located in Eastern North Carolina

​Welcome to Limestone Farms & Hatchery

​     ​News on the Farm    

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Chick Availability:

Rhode Island Red: Available

Barred Rock: Available

Jersey Giant: Available (Final Hatch 5/22/18)

Black Sex-Link: Coming Soon

White Leghorn: Available

Golden Polish: Available

Duckling Availability:

Pekin: Available

Mallard: Available

Cayuga:  Available

Rouen: Available (Final Hatch 5/17/18)

Welsh Harlequin: Available 

Khaki Campbell: Limited

Wood Ducks:Not Available

Toulouse Gosling Availability: Limited

 Updated: 5/11/18 

​​Wednesday - Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Closed Sunday - Tuesday

Chickens, Ducks, and Geese

​Adult Jersey Giants For Sale 

 We are no longer going to breed Jersey Giants. We are selling off   our breeders.

                 Roosters $10

                 Laying Hens $15

Juvenile Birds are available. These are young birds (4-16 weeks)   that do not require heat lamps, but are not laying eggs yet.

                Ducks:      St. Run.......$10


                Chickens: Pullets........$7


 We have chick supplies including feeders, drinkers, and heating  equipment.

We sell Starter Packages. These include:
1 Feeder with jar
1 Drinker with jar
1 Heat lamp and bulb
1 Bag of feed
1 How-To Guide Book
5 Chicks or Ducklings 
1 Limestone Farms T-Shirt

 Chickens - $89.99
 Ducks - $99.99


Goats kids. Males $100-$150. Females $150-$250.

Sold Out

Lambs/sheep available: Males Start at $150, Females $200

4 Males 4 Females Available


Starter Kits includes:​

1 - Lamb or Goat Kid (Male, Add $50 for female)

1 - 2 Qt. Milk Bottle

1 - Kid/Lamb Drinking Nipple

​1 - Bag of Milk Replacer

​1 - How-To Guide Book

1 - FAMACHA Card

​1 - Limestone Farms T-Shirt

Goat - $159.99   

Sheep -$209.99 ​​



Holestien Freemartin (Non-Breedable Females)