Chickens, Ducks, and Geese

​Hatching for the 2018 season concludes on 6/15. We have plenty of birds available, however there will be no new hatches. Special hatches will be conducted for orders of 50 or more birds.

Adult Birds For Sale 

 This year's hatchlings are starting to grow up! We have adult   chickens and ducks from this year for sale in limited quantities. In   addition, we are no longer going to breed Jersey Giants. We are   selling off our breeders.

                 Roosters $10

                 Laying Hens $15

​                 Adult Ducks $15

Juvenile Birds are available. These are young birds (4-16 weeks)   that do not require heat lamps, but are not laying eggs yet.

                Ducks:      St. Run.......$10


                Chickens: Pullets........$7


 We have chick supplies including feeders, drinkers, and heating  equipment.

We sell Starter Packages. These include:
1 Feeder with jar
1 Drinker with jar
1 Heat lamp and bulb
1 Bag of feed
1 How-To Guide Book
5 Chicks or Ducklings 
1 Limestone Farms T-Shirt

 Chickens - $89.99
 Ducks - $99.99


Goats kids. Males $125-$200. Females $175-$250.

4 Males 4 Females Available

Lambs/sheep available: Males Start at $150, Females $200

Bottle Baby Female lamb born 6/14/18


3 Males 7 Females Available


Starter Kits includes:​

1 - Lamb or Goat Kid (Male, Add $50 for female)

1 - 2 Qt. Milk Bottle

1 - Kid/Lamb Drinking Nipple

​1 - Bag of Milk Replacer

​1 - How-To Guide Book

1 - FAMACHA Card

​1 - Limestone Farms T-Shirt

Goat - $159.99

Sheep -$209.99 ​​



Holestien Freemartin (Non-Breedable Females)


​​Beginning 6/20 we will be operating by appointment ONLY.

Appointments are available during our normal business hours:

Wednesday - Friday 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Saturday 10:00 am - 4:30 pm

Closed Sunday - Tuesday

​     ​News on the Farm    

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Chick Availability:

Rhode Island Red: Available

Barred Rock: Available

Jersey Giant: Juveniles and Adults Only

White Leghorn: Available

Golden Polish: Available

Duckling Availability:

Pekin: Available

Mallard: Available

Cayuga:  Available

Welsh Harlequin: Limited 

Khaki Campbell: Limited

Toulouse Gosling Availability: Not Available

 Updated: 6/21/18 

Located in Eastern North Carolina

​Welcome to Limestone Farms & Hatchery